Studio-R: Grand Designs On Quality Foundations

Welcome to Studio-R, Australia’s leading multi-disciplinary design studio. The principal reason behind that claim is our people, of whom we are extremely proud. Our growing team of highly skilled, experienced and talented professionals offers every Studio-R client, without exception, their absolute dedication and care in providing design and construction documentation services that compare more than favourably with those of any metropolitan design studio. With our people as our strength, Studio-R thrives on the challenges presented by clients seeking the best possible provider to turn their aspirations into reality.

Studio-R’s most important focus in all we do is quality – quality designs, quality documentation, quality service. Compromises are not an option. Residential or commercial, we understand each project becomes a place where people live, work or play and we believe they always deserve the best they can afford. We also offer full interior design services and possess confidence in our abilities to provide heritage design services. We are, quite simply, Studio-R.